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Faraz Daric Stock Investment fund, The most profitable fund

Faraz Daric Stock Investment fund is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) which has been established on March 15,2021, under the management of Daric Pars asset management company and its units are tradable in Stock Exchange. Since the beginning of establishment, the main goal of the management of Faraz fund has been achieving high return with minimum negative fluctuation in the price of fund’s units in the stock market. It is an honor for Daric Pars company to declare that our company has been very successful in achieving its goals. the monthly return of Faraz fund (at present,6/23/2021) is about 20 percent and was ranked as the first fund with the highest return between all active funds in Iran capital market (about 75 funds) and it has also ranked as the first fund in quarterly period, it is noteworthy that the monthly and quarterly return of TEDPIX index respectively are five percent (monthly) and minus 11 percent (quarterly). Furthermore, Faraz fund has never experienced the decline in the price of units in stock market since establishment while the return of TEDPIX during this period has been negative and lots of stocks in Tehran Stock Exchange have experienced significant negative fluctuation.