Introduction | داریک



According to the Securities Market Law, an asset manager company is a legal entity that buys and sells securities for an investor in the form of a specific contract to receive benefits. Asset management is a process in which an investment expert in collaboration with a team of professional analysts And based on the characteristics, level of risk and capital of each investor,  forms a suitable portfolio of various assets for them and continuously monitors and manages its actions. 

Daric Pars asset Management Company was registered in the Companies Registration and Industrial Property Office of Tehran on 5/13/2019 with registration number 54109. Daric started its activities with a capital of twenty billion Rials. Since establishment of the company, the main focus of Daric has been on establishing different types of mutual funds and developing portfolio management services. According to this purpose in July 2020 the first fix income mutual fund of Daric under the name of Etemad Daric was registered in Iran Farabourse stock exchange. Furthermore, two other mutual funds have been established recently: a market making mutual fund with the name of Mizan Daric and a stock fund with the name of Faraz Daric.

The executive process and the portfolio management contract of Daric Pars portfolio management company have been designed in such a way  to prevent any conflict of interest between portfolio management and customers. However, it should be noted that according to Article 14 of the Portfolio management guidelines, in the event of a conflict of interest between the portfolio operator and the customer, Daric undertakes that always and in all circumstances, prioritize customer interests over other shareholders. Securities and Exchange Organization(SEO) as a regulatory body of the country's capital market will also oversee these matters.


Executive procedure


In order to achieve the set goals in Daric Pars Company, which are obtaining the highest possible return for specific portfolios, the executive procedures for introducing and conducting transactions for each portfolio are clearly defined as follow:

  1. Customer reference to the company
  2. Negotiate and provide information
  3. In-person interview to Complete customer information form and questionnaire
  4. Deposit the investment amount and sign the contract
  5. Review and analysis of customer conditions and customer classification in terms of tolerable risk
  6. Sending the customer document along with the letter requesting the creation of the portfolio code
  7. Send confirmation to Tehran stock exchange Information Technology Company
  8. Complete the process of introducing and creating a customer-specific portfolio
  9. Deposit money to the brokerage account
  10. Start the trading process